Chat GPT Top Trending Prompts 2023 – How to Generate Chat GPT Prompts

Chat GPT is an AI Chat BOT by Open AI private company which acts on the basis of GPT 3 architecture. The important fact of this AI Chat BOT is it can generate human like text. It works on the basis of prompts given to it. So, basic method of communication you can give Chat GPT any prompt in form of chat box it will provide answer of your question.

Chat GPT is trending on internet and many users are generating ideas and asking queries to Chat GPT. Till now three versions of this AI Chat BOT has been introduced which are Chat GPT Free, Chat GPT Pro and Chat GPT Plus.

In this article we’ll discuss about most trending and recent prompts of Chat GPT. Here we’re going to check which are most asked prompts to Chat GPT in year 2023.

Chat GPT Prompt Generator

Here is the tool through which you can generate prompts for Chat GPT. Actually Chat GPT Pro works on human model it can answer to several questions in traditional conversation like human being. If you’re confuse about how to give prompt to Chat GPT then use this Chat GPT Prompt generator tool:

Chat GPT Prompt Generator

How to Write Effective Prompt for Chat GPT Quickly

To write an effective prompt for Chat GPT, you should consider the following guidelines:

  1. Be clear and concise: Make sure that the prompt is easy to understand and that it clearly defines what the user should provide or what the model should generate.
  2. Provide context: If the prompt is part of a larger conversation or if it requires background information, include a brief introduction or explanation.
  3. Specify the format: If you want the response to be in a specific format, such as a question and answer or a list, make sure to specify this in the prompt.
  4. Define the scope: If you want the response to be limited to a specific area of knowledge or a certain timeframe, make sure to specify this in the prompt.
  5. Encourage creativity: If you want the response to be creative or imaginative, include a statement or idea that will inspire the model to generate something unique.

Example prompt: “Please write a short story in the format of ‘Once upon a time…’ that takes place in a fantasy world and involves a magical creature.”

In this example, the prompt specifies the format of the response (a short story), the setting (a fantasy world), and the theme (a magical creature), which provides the model with enough information to generate a coherent and imaginative response.

Chat GPT Trending Prompts List

Here is the trending prompts list of Chat GPT for all time.

  1. “How is AI being used in the fight against COVID-19?”
  2. “What is the impact of AI on the job market?”
  3. “How is the rise of edge computing changing the AI landscape?”
  4. “What are the ethical concerns around AI and automation?”
  5. “What is the future of AI in the entertainment industry?”
  6. “How is AI being used in the field of education?”
  7. “What are the most promising AI start-ups in the market?”
  8. “What are the limitations and challenges of current AI systems?”
  9. “How is AI being used to improve cybersecurity?”
  10. “What is the role of AI in addressing climate change and sustainability?”

Chat GPT Trending Prompts List 2023

  1. “What are the latest advancements in AI and Machine Learning?”
  2. “How is AI being used to tackle global issues such as poverty and inequality?”
  3. “What are the current challenges and limitations of AI systems?”
  4. “How is AI changing the way we work and communicate?”
  5. “What is the future of AI in the healthcare industry?”
  6. “What are the ethical considerations around AI and autonomous systems?”
  7. “How is AI being used to improve sustainability and address climate change?”
  8. “What are the most promising AI startups to watch in 2023?”
  9. “What is the impact of AI on privacy and data security?”
  10. “How is AI being integrated into various industries such as finance, retail, and education?”

Act as a Debater

My first request is “I want an opinion piece about Deno.”50 words

Deno is a new JavaScript runtime environment that has received attention for its simplicity and security. Unlike Node.js, Deno does not require a centralized package manager and has built-in TypeScript support. The absence of external dependencies and automatic sandboxing makes it a secure option for web development.

Act as a Debate Coach

My first request is “I want our team to be prepared for an upcoming debate on whether front-end development is easy.” 50 words

To prepare for the debate on the difficulty of front-end development, our team should consider the necessary skills, tools, and challenges of the field. Research industry trends and best practices, and have a solid understanding of both the pros and cons of front-end development. By having a comprehensive understanding, our team will be able to present a well-rounded and informed argument in the upcoming debate.

Act as Position Interviewer

Ask me the questions one by one like an interviewer does and wait for my answers. My first sentence is “Hi”


Great to meet you! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Chat GPT Prompts

Act as a JavaScript Console

How to debug Java Console?

Debugging Java console applications involves finding and fixing errors or issues in your code. Here are some common steps you can follow to debug Java console applications:

  1. Use print statements: One of the simplest ways to debug Java console applications is to use print statements to see what is happening in your code. For example, you can print out the values of variables or the result of an operation to see what is causing the issue.
  2. Use a debugger: Java IDEs, such as Eclipse and IntelliJ, have built-in debuggers that allow you to step through your code line by line and inspect variables and data structures. This can help you identify the cause of an issue more quickly.
  3. Check the stack trace: When an error occurs in a Java console application, it will often print out a stack trace, which is a list of the method calls that were made leading up to the error. This can give you valuable information about the cause of the issue.
  4. Use logging: Java has built-in logging libraries that allow you to log messages to a file or console. You can use these logs to keep track of what is happening in your application, and to identify issues that occur when you’re not actively debugging.
  5. Try test cases: Developing test cases and running them can help you identify and debug issues with your code. You can write test cases to test specific parts of your code, and use assertions to make sure that the code is working correctly.

By following these steps and using the tools available in your Java environment, you can effectively debug Java console applications and find and fix issues in your code.

So, this is the simple steps told by Chat GPT. How amazing is it? you can get answers to all questions in this tool.

Final Words

Chat GPT works on GPT 3 architecture so it gives you answers to your queries in chat form. In this article we’ve discussed about some useful prompts of Chat GPT. You should provide precise and short information to Chat GPT while communicating with this tool. If you guide Chat GPT properly it’ll provide you better answer to your prompt.


What is quick way to write Chat GPT prompt?

You can use Chat GPT Prompts generator tool or write it in short form. Always try to guide Chat GPT properly.

What is Chat GPT Prompt?

Anything or query that you ask to Chat GPT in chat form is called Chat GPT prompt.

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